Yoga for Back Pain is
Launching Soon!

Helping back pain sufferers leave chronic pain behind for good

Get Your Life Back from
Chronic Back Pain

YFBP Will Show You How!

Are you a chronic back pain sufferer, sick and tired of trying every ‘cure’ under the sun but not finding long term relief? I know just how frustrating, debilitating and downright depressing back pain can be. But, I’m here to tell you that it can get better.

Imagine getting your back pain under control. Imagine having more energy again and being able to do all the things back pain is stopping you from doing. Imagine getting your life back with an enjoyable and straightforward program. Yoga for Back Pain (YFBP) is going to help you do just that, and it's launching very soon. 

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What You'll Get in the YFBP Program

Yoga for Back Pain Ebook

· Understand the damage that popular back pain myths can do and why they might actually be keeping us in pain

· Get to know how pain works and how we can use this knowledge to start feeling better

·  Gain the tools to take charge of your own recovery, including how to approach the yoga practices

3 x 30 Minute Yoga Practices (Video)

· Led by Yoga Teacher and former back pain suffer Annie Knapman

· Specifically tailored for back pain suffers to dial down pain and regain confidence in movement

Body Scan Relaxation (Audio)

· An extra slice of relaxation to help ease muscle tension and manage stress.

4 Things I Want You to Know Before You Sign Up to YFBP

1. Many of the explanations we’re told about back pain are  unhelpful. Have you been told that a weak core is causing your pain? Or that a bulging disc means you'll be in pain forever? Think again. In YFBP, we'll discover that not only are these myths untrue, they might also be keeping us in pain.

2. Being in pain for a long time does not mean you cannot recover. I had back pain for over 5 years and now live pain free. 

3. You don't need lots of spare time to do this course. While I recommend starting with each of the three 30min sessions once a week, there is no set structure or rules. You can fit YFBP into your life in anyway that works for you.

4. Pain is a mind-body phenomenon. We'll delve into why this is the case in the e-book. If you want YFBP to have the best chance of success, you need to be on board with the idea that recovery is a body AND mind process. 

Important: Please Visit Your Doctor if You are Experiencing Pain

If you’re experiencing pain, it’s important to visit your doctor. If you haven’t already, please make an appointment to see them. Very rarely, back pain can be a symptom of another illness and it’s vital your healthcare provider rules out any other medical conditions that could be at play.

I’ve designed the YFBP course to be suitable and helpful for as many back-pain sufferers as possible, but unfortunately it can’t be tailored to each of your individual bodies and stories. Back pain is a wide-ranging phenomenon, covering many diagnoses and conditions. It’s essential your doctor gives you the go ahead to start the yoga practices in this course, as well as any other sports or exercise you wish to try during your recovery. YFBP can be described to your doctors as a gentle to moderate yoga practice.

Be the First to Hear When YFBP Goes Live with a Special LAUNCH WEEK DISCOUNT

GDPR consent must be ticked if you want to receive alerts from YFBP


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