Private Yoga

“I’ve had some private one to one classes with Annie to help me with rehabilitation from a nervous system disorder. The classes were very well tailored to my needs and really beneficial. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Annie and would highly recommend her.” – Jonathan 

“I’ve been having private lessons with Annie for about two months now and I love every minute of every session. It’s so perfect to be able to relax in the comfort of your own home and Annie is a brilliant teacher. She is so caring and she makes me feel so at ease. I would definitely recommend private lessons with Annie for anybody who wants to try yoga and to more experienced yogis!” – Saskia

“Annie has been teaching us yoga since February 2016 (one private 75 min class per week). We started with five sessions as a trial and loved it so much that we have now reached our 19th yoga practice with Annie. Annie is reliable, professional & plans ahead. Her whole approach makes it very easy for us to make the most of the yoga poses & mindfulness. Annie carefully designs the practice to help us improve gradually and we have seen a real improvement in what we are able to achieve in such a short space of time.  We look forward to every practice and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Annie to anyone.” – Lesley and Mike

“I am lucky enough to have found Annie to privately teach me yoga. I have been having weekly lessons since January 2016 and enjoy them immensely. Annie is an amazing, warm and skilled teacher who has helped me progress in leaps and bounds. I cannot recommend her highly enough.” – Sarah 

Group Classes

Yoga Flow

“An excellent class to strengthen and stretch your body at the same time as focusing your mind and releasing the stresses of the week” – Becky 

“Loving the classes, thank you – feel like I get a good work out but leave feeling really relaxed. Sleeping much better since I started yoga too.” – Mark

“Sooooo good… been coming every week for 6 months, can’t get enough 🙂 🙂 :)” – Izzy

“Yoga with Annie really makes you work + push your body but also makes your body and mind relax and unwind after the day.” – Arabella 

“I have become a whole lot more flexible as the weeks have progressed, a lot more relaxed.” – Marcelle

“Annie is an amazing yoga teacher (and human being!) her classes make me feel relaxed and help with my ongoing back issues. I would hugely recommend Annie for all your yoga needs.” – Louise 

“I really enjoy these yoga sessions. They give you time to relax and calm down. Really fun, not too hard or too easy.” – Angelina & Alison

“Really enjoying the weekly yoga session. It is very restful to have an hour to clear the mind of noise and focus purely on the mind/body/calmness! Thank you :)” – Rebecca

Gentle Chair-Based Yoga

“Annie’s yoga classes are well planned and she is attentive to any joint or muscle problems and will give alternative exercises if need be! I come away from the class with my body feeling a lot more relaxed and tension free!” – Lindy

Yoga For Teams

“Annie is a pleasure to have in the office and has proved to be a very popular teacher who brings relaxation and a varied selection of routines helped along with class sound track music. Her approach to setting up the sessions each time and engagement with participants is so professional that it removes a great deal of the effort of planning and setting classes up.  I have found myself able to fully switch off and get into the moment to the point I don’t feel like I am in the Boardroom at work when taking part in one of Annie’s sessions.” – Clare, SAGE PUBLISHING