Well-Being Workshops

Business leaders know that investing in team well-being is vital for a healthy, dynamic business and top performance. Aside from creating a more enjoyable working environment, a happy and healthy team is likely to be more productive, have greater focus and creativity, be more loyal to your organisation and take less days off sick.

Well-being workshops are designed to help employees take control of their own well-being by providing simple strategies that can be implemented into daily routines.

Building Stress Resilience Well-Being Workshop

Building Stress Resilience: How To Stop Stress Making You Sick

Discover what the science of stress has to teach us about taking better care of our minds and bodies.

In this workshop, we delve into the mechanisms of our stress response and understand how chronic stress can make us sick and unhappy. Using the latest research, we’ll uncover proven strategies to help navigate stress and stay healthy.

  • 1 hr interactive talk.
  • Science-based stress interventions and research led relaxation strategies.
  • Encourages employees to take control of their own well-being and stress management.
  • Signposts tools for further learning.
  • Includes mindfulness and breathing techniques.
Introduction to Mindfulness - Taster Session

Introduction to Mindfulness – Taster Session

The latest research shows that mindfulness is a powerful tool for increasing health and well-being. It boosts our resilience, concentration, productivity, creativity and helps us manage stress and regulate our moods and emotions.

Give your team the opportunity to experience mindfulness for themselves. In this workshop we explore the core concepts underpinning mindfulness and have a go at simple mindfulness methods as a group..

  • 1.5 hr interactive session.
  • Research led.
  • A shared experience which fosters whole team well-being.
  • Directs attendees to further resources to develop their own practice.
  • No prior mindfulness experience or knowledge necessary.

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