Yoga + cute baby animals = only ever a good thing. Goat yoga has gone viral and we can’t get enough of the ridiculously adorable snaps filling our newsfeeds.

The genius behind the furry fitness trend is Lainey Morsey who runs goat yoga sessions on her farm in Oregon, USA. Lainey was battling an autoimmune disease when she discovered the healing power of being around her four-legged friends. With a nudge from yoga teacher and pal Heather Davis, the goat yoga combo was born.

In the one hour all-skills level Vinyasa session, Lainey’s Nigerian dwarf goats roam freely and get friendly with the yogis. Yoga is followed by ‘Goat Happy Hour’ where you can ‘snuggle goats’ and ‘take goat selfies’. The farm’s latest venture is Goat Yoga & Wine Tasting – where do I sign up?

Mom: I signed us up for Goat Yoga! Me: You’ve goat to be kidding me! #goatyoga #namaste

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Since Lainey’s classes took off, goat yoga sessions have been popping up faster than you can say baaaadaconasona. The sensation has swept across America and has been spotted across the globe from Amsterdam to Australia.

It looks like it might be a tad tricky to remember Mula Bandha or focus on your Drishti with these excited kids around but we’d happily sacrifice concentration for goat yoga fun.

I made a friend. #goatyoga (: @khklann)

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I’ve yet to uncover a goat yoga class here in sunny Blighty. Surely there’s a UK farm ready to bring the Brits goat yoga giggles? If anyone hears rumours, I want to know.

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