With COVID-19 infection rates continuing to rise in the UK, I've made the decision to take our yoga classes online for the time being. As well as reducing the risk of passing the infection in a busy class space, I also want to make sure everyone can carry on with their yoga without feeling anxious about attending. Going online will also mean that if you need to self-isolate, you can still join us for yoga (as long as you feel well enough of course).

How to Access the Online Sessions

I'll be using the Zoom platform to host our sessions. Using a unique access link, you'll be able to watch the session via your smartphone, laptop or computer.

If you are signed up for the term, you will receive an email the weekend before your class with the link for your upcoming class. Obviously we have less space restrictions online, so if you'd rather do a different session in the week, that's not a problem.

If you are signing up for a pay-as-you-go session, please use the links below as you usually would, your confirmation email will contain the Zoom access link.

If you're booked on and don't receive your link, please let me know at least a few hours before the session. As usual, please make sure you arrive at least 5-10mins before the start of the class (particularly if it's your first time using Zoom). You can let me know about any injury updates on the chat function

See you on the mat 🙏