Want to take your yoga beyond the studio and start practising at home? Yoga apps are great value and offer sessions as short as 5 minutes so you can still squeeze a pint-size practice into busy days.

Type ‘yoga app’ into google and you will get a lot of results. Don’t worry, we’ve done the leg work for you. I’ve tested a ton of yoga apps and found eight fabulous options to suit every yogi.

Here’s the run down.

1) Yoga Studio – Best For Value

Apple iTunes: £3.99Google Play: £3.19.

Compatible with: Apple Health App, JawBone and Apple TV.
Yoga apps 1 - Yoga Studio

Yes, you can get free apps, but most have limited material unless you pay for add-ons or subscriptions anyway. Invest a few pounds in this exceptional app instead with its huge amount of expertly produced content and clear demos. A one-off payment, no ongoing subscription. Highly recommended for beginners and more experienced yogis alike.

  • Range of classes including: essentials, sun and earth salutations, yoga for back pain, yoga for runners and guided meditations
  • Expertly demonstrated in HD video
  • Extensive pose library with clear modification options
  • Most classes are 15, 30 or 60 minutes or choose ‘Quick Yoga Fix’ for a 10 min session
  • Create custom classes from your favourite poses or pose blocks
  • Download favourite sessions to view offline and schedule them on your calendar
  • Good range of music. You can also create your own playlist from your music library
  • Ad free

2) Daily Yoga – Best For Free Content

Apple iTunes: FREEGoogle Play: FREE.

Compatible with: Apple Health App.
Pro version:  £7.99/mo or £2.04/mo when you pay for a whole year.
Yoga Apps 2 - Daily Yoga

If you don’t want to pay a penny and don’t mind the occasional ad, Daily Yoga has a good free version. Professional, easy to use, with an excellent range of content. The free stuff is particularly suited for beginners, including a ‘10-Day Beginner Tour’ of short intro sessions. A lot of ‘Level 2’ session and above isn’t included in the free version but there’s lots to get you started. If you like the style of the classes and want to go for it, the pro version has a lot of content.

  • New content added each month
  • HD sessions from 5-70 mins
  • Extensive pose library (not so good for modification options)
  • Sessions are a steady pace – plenty of time between poses
  • ‘Office Yoga’ chair-based sessions (free)
  • Mindfulness classes (some free)
  • Choice of soundtracks
  • Pro version: lots more content, advanced tracking, more music

3) Down dog– Best For Simplicity

Apple iTunes: FREEGoogle Play: FREE.

Paid subscription option: £7.99/mo or £48.99/yr (Try pro version free for 7 days – no credit card needed).
Yoga App 3 - Down Dog

I love how simple this app is. Select the type of practice, length and skill level and Down Dog magically generates a new sequence for you each time. The demonstration is done with a sequence of pictures rather than a video. I thought the lack of video might be an issue but it isn’t. The absence of big video files also means you don’t have to wait ages for your  session to download.

  • Super smiley demonstrations
  • Choose between: Full Practise (Vinyasa flow style), Restorative or a Standing Sequence
  • Choose length between 10 and 80 mins
  • Awesome music – we yogi-ed to tunes like Get a Move on! By Mr Scruff
  • Paid subscription features: more music, alter the pace and ‘boost’ your practice towards specific areas like flexibility, core strength or back bends
  • Pose name labels available in Sanskrit and/or English
  • Less tracking features than other apps but you can see your class history
  • Fabulous loading messages: ‘Complaining about Lululemon prices… Developing sensitivity to gluten…’ 😂

4) Yogaia – Best For Live Classes

Apple iTunes: FREEGoogle Play: FREE.

Compatible with: Apple TV, Chromecast.
Paid subscription option: £14.99/mo or £11.66/mo for 3 month or £7.50/mo for 6 or 12 months.
Yoga App 4 - Yogaia

If you want your classes in real time and a more sociable yoga experience, Yogaia have the answer. Streaming live from London, the teachers can see who’s joined and often personally welcome people to the practice. There’s a variety of teachers offering a host of different styles. You can only access the live sessions with a subscription, but the free version offers lots of recordings.

  • Styles include: Vinyasa, Forrest, Gentle Yoga, Power Yoga, Pre/Post-Natal, Yin and Meditation
  • Classes between 10 and 60 minutes
  • Set your goals for personalised recommendations
  • Get personalised instruction if you turn on your camera (premium feature)
  • Library of recorded classes
  • Download up to three recordings available offline

5) Asana Rebel – Best For Fitness Fiends

Apple iTunes: FREEGoogle Play: FREE.

Subscription version: £7.99/mo or £2.92/mo for 12 months.
Compatible with: Apple Health.
Yoga App 5 - Asana Rebel

Billing itself as ‘yoga inspired fitness’ this app offers sessions such as ‘Fatburn Yoga’ and ‘Full Body Workout’. There’s a fair few sessions you can try with the free version, or unlock lots more content with a subscription.

  • Short workouts between 5 – 30 minutes
  • Suitable for beginners through to more experienced yogis
  • More free videos added daily
  • Detailed video tutorials for better alignment
  • Workout count, total yoga time and calorie count
  • Pose library – with videos
  • Paid subscription: Coach feature offers a structured training plan adapted to you and your goals and full access to all workouts

6)Yin Yoga With Simon Low – Best For Going Slow

Apple iTunes: £1.99

Yoga App 6 - Simon Low Yin Yoga

Simon Low is one of the UK’s top teachers. Yin is a beautiful practice: slower, stiller and often deeper. It’s great for accessing longer held body tension. Good for both Yin converts and those completely new to the practice.

  • 3 Yin Yoga sessions with photo demos
  • Detailed modification instruction: shows lots of options to adapt poses
  • Simon voices the app himself and has a super calming voice
  • Extra freebie download included: 20 min guided meditation and 20 min ‘Simon Low’s Journey with Yoga’
  • You need props. Alternatives are listed which you can find around the house. If you discover you’re a Yin fan, invest in a bolster, a couple of yoga blocks and a yoga strap
  • No music (if you want a soundtrack try his awesome DVD)

7) Iyoga Premium – Best For Anatomy Geeks

Apple iTunes: £3.99

Yoga Apps 7 - Iyoga Premium

Great if you’re an anatomy geek or want to gain a deeper understanding of what’s happening in the body during a pose. This apps goes beneath the surface, demonstrating which muscles are contracting or stretching using anatomical videos. Use this app to look in-depth at individual poses.

  • Pose library with anatomical videos
  • Routines from 10 mins to 30 mins with anatomical videos
  • Create custom routines
  • Comes with beginner sessions included (£1.90 add-on for intermediate and advanced)
  • Brilliant modifications (open the info box to read them)

8) Salute The Desk – Must For Desk Workers

Apple iTunes: £2.99

Yoga Apps 8 - Salute the Desk

Anyone who works at a desk or spends a lot of their day siting should have this app. You can radically change your well-being by changing your posture: more energy, less aches and even better mental health. This app helps you improve your sitting posture and encourages you to add little chunks of gentle stretching and mindfulness into your day. Get a colleague or two on board and be brave enough to organise a lunchtime group session.

  • Planner and progress tracker
  • Detailed posture instruction in 8 minute ‘Sit Tall’ video
  • The Full body sequence is about 45 mins
  • If you have less time or specific areas of tension to work on, use the ‘zone in’ section for short bites focusing on areas like shoulders, back or hips

Bonus:  Relax Melodies

Apple iTunes: FREEGoogle Play: FREE

Subscription version: £9.99/mo or £7.99/mo 3 months
Yoga App Bonus - Relax Medodies

Ok, not technically a yoga app, but hear me out. This app adds soothing sounds to yoga or meditation sessions. Layer sounds on top of each other to make your own unique background music. Options include: Ocean, Flute, Urban Rain, Storm, Monk Chant, Wind Chimes, Crackling Fire, Cat Purring and many more.

  • Guided meditations (a few on the free version)
  • Alarm feature so you can wake up to your favourite sounds
  • More sounds, meditations, life coach session and no ads on the upgrade

How to get the most from your yoga app

  • Try a few different apps: you might prefer one particular voice or style.
  • Take it easy. Don’t do anything if it doesn’t feel right or hurts – apps are good at personalising for different levels, but they can’t know your unique body or your injuries.
  • Go to a real class and talk to a teacher to find modifications and adjustments that work for you.
  • Lengthen out savasana if you like, it’s often too short (or non-existent) in apps.
  • Many apps take a few minutes to download a video so allow extra time to do this before your session.

Have any yoga app recommendations? Share them in the comments 👇

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