Cats are so good at yoga they even have a pose named after them. Here’s a collection of my favourite feline yogis showing us how it’s done.

1. Easy Pose

Total concentration. Breathe in. Breathe out.

Sometimes My Cat Sits Like This. So Cute!

2. Banana Pose

Now that’s what I call a side stretch.

She’s just so adorable #Cat#CatStretch#Adorable#Flexible#Flex#LoveHer#MakesMeSmileEveryDay

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3. Couples Yoga

Kitten’s gotta stretch.

4. Core Strengthening

Work it.

5. Down Dog

This pretty kitty got style for days.

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6. Toe Stretch

Spread those paws.

7. Eka Pada Sirsasana

Just got my leg behind the head, no biggie.

Cute Yoga Cat.

8. Navasana

This cat’s so good she does boat pose in her sleep.

9. Lion Pose

Hear me roarrrr.

Look at my tongue!!

10. Meditate



11. Savasana

Aaaand chill.

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