Yoga for Back Pain Affiliate FAQs

How Does the YFBP Affiliate Program Work?

Once your sign up to the YFBP Affiliate Program has been approved, you can find your Unique Referral Url in your Affiliate Area. You can use this url on your website, email marketing and social media to promote the program. We then track sales associated with your unique url and pay you 30% commission on each sale. Please note that tracking is facilitated via cookies which expire after 30 days.

Do I Need to Have a Large Following to be an Affiliate?

No. We welcome any Affiliates who believe their audience may benefit from the YFBP program. All we ask it that you are active in promoting the program to your clients/following. 

How Much Do I Get Paid?

You receive 30% commission on sales made through your unique referral url. 

When Do I Get Paid

We make commission payouts via a dedicated payout service. We send commissions on the last day of each month for the proceeding month's earnings (e.g. earnings from May would be paid on the last day of June). Please allow 2-14 days from this date for the payout service to process your payment. Earnings below £20 will be carried over to the next month. Please ensure you have signed up to the payouts service via the 'Settings' tab in the Affiliate Area.

What Happens with Refunds?

YFBP has a 4 week money back guarantee to ensure that anyone who has paid for the service is feeling the benefits. If someone referred by you requests a refund, you will not receive commission on the sale. Our payout timeline covers the 4 week period, so you should only receive commission for sales that have gone past the 4 week return period. In the event that a refund is processed after this time, the commission from the refunded sale will be deducted from your next payout. 

Can I Try the Program Before I Recommend it?

Yes! And we really recommend that you do. Once you've registered, you'll be able to log on to the YFBP Members Page and access all the YFBP resources.

Do You Have Creatives I Can Use to Help Advertise My Link?

Yes. Once logged in to the Affiliate Area, you can find YFBP creatives on the 'Creatives' tab. Images and video may be used on your website, email marketing, social media and in any other marketing avenues. You can also visit the YFBP Instagram Page and share creatives directly from that page. Please ensure you always share content with your unique referral url to earn commission.