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Are you a yoga teacher, physiotherapist, massage therapist, coach or influencer? Do you have clients or followers with back pain? Would you like to offer them a holistic recovery program and receive 30% commission on sales? If you've answered yes to these questions then the Yoga for Back Pain Affiliate Program is for you. 

Yoga for Back Pain (YFBP) is a fully online program that brings together the science of pain with a yoga-based movement practice. If you are interested in becoming a YFBP Affiliate, please register your interest below. Check out our Affiliate FAQs and ensure you read our full Affiliate Terms and Conditions before signing up

Once your application has been approved, affiliates can log in below to view their referral links, reports and earnings. Please use the settings tab in the Affiliate area to sign up to the payout service. Earnings cannot be paid until you have done this.

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