About Annie Knapman

mind & body coach

Yoga, Mindfulness & Resilience Trainer 

Based in Hertfordshire and London

Much more than just a set of poses, yoga is about making time for yourself. With yoga, we create the opportunity to connect with ourselves and tune into our own power and resilience. 

Yoga Classes Buntingford and Braughing

What Yoga & Mindfulness Mean to Me

Yoga and mindfulness became part of my life during a long battle with chronic anxiety and IBS. Since then, my practice has been a sanctuary in tough times - a chance to connect, rest and reset. Yoga and mindfulness were also instrumental in helping me recover from 5 years of chronic back pain. The experience led me to create Yoga for Back Pain - an online program for others struggling with back pain. Most importantly, yoga and mindfulness have taught me to be kinder to myself and to live in the joy of the journey rather than always striving for the goal.

A Bit More About Me

You can find me teaching Mindful Flow Yoga in Buntingford and Braughing, as well as leading well-being workshops for teams and businesses across Hertfordshire and London. Alongside yoga and mindfulness, I'm also a big believer in picnics in the park, drinking tea, dancing (badly), singing (badly), wine, cheese, chocolate and rhubarb flavoured gin.

Mindful Flow Yoga Taster

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