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Summer Schedule

I'm taking a break from live sessions (maternity leave!) but you can still get your yoga fix with on-demand access to my Yoga Portal.


My Sessions are for Anyone Who Wants to Improve their Mind & Body Health, Particularly if You:

Want to discover the benefits of a MIND-BODY approach to fitness and wellbeing.
Want to improve your fitness, flexibility, balance, strength, endurance and muscle tone.
Have muscle tension or aches and pains you want to ease.

Here's What People are Saying About My Classes...

Loving my daily playback sessions, even managing the Yoga HIIT and Power Flow 💪  My flexibility is improving brilliantly.


I started out as a complete beginner. Just taking one class a week has improved my suppleness, posture and I feel more relaxed. Great classes!

Yoga Braughing Reviewer


Despite being a total yoga noice when I first jumped on Annie's online sessions, she's such a clear and calm teacher that I immediately felt at ease, picking things up at a steady pace, and it soon became a big part of my lockdown routine.


Did the Yoga HIIT playback this morning - was intense but thoroughly enjoyed it. Feeling energised! Thank you 🙏


Online Classes FAQs

I’ve never done Yoga before – is that OK?

Yes - beginners are welcome! Lots of my community started out as complete beginners. The majority of classes are beginner friendly, with the exception of Power Flow & Yoga HIIT. If you're just starting out on your yoga or fitness journey, try out a beginner friendly class first and then feel free to try higher intensity sessions when you feel ready or get in touch if you're unsure about which sessions are right for you.

I'm not very fit or flexible - does that matter?

No, it doesn't matter at all! People all of fitness and flexibility levels join my classes. In ALL my sessions, I encourage everyone to go at their own pace and know that it's ok to take things slowly and rest up as much as needed.

Do I need any special equipment for classes?

You don't need lots of fancy equipment to join my sessions, here's what you'll need:

·      A device connected to internet to access Zoom (online classes only!)

·      Yoga or exercise mat (these are provided in in-person sessions)

·      Comfortable clothes that are easy to move in

·      Layers to stay warm if needed

·      Bottle of water

·      Folded blanket or cushion (may be required for extra padding in certain poses)

Extra equipment is required in some sessions:

·      A free-standing chair (Chair Yoga, Meditation & Restorative Yoga only)

·      Light dumbbell weights for (Yoga HIIT only - optional)

·      A yoga bolster or 2-3 pillows (Restorative Yoga only)

How do I access online sessions?

All live online sessions are live streamed on Zoom. Once you've signed up to a session on my booking portal, you'll receive an email with your Zoom access link. If you've not used Zoom before, when you click your access link you should be prompted to download the Zoom app or desktop client. If that doesn't happen, try downloading Zoom first and then retry the access link:

Please ensure you allow plenty of time to get set up (I’ll be online 10mins before each session). Additional instructions can be found on my Zoom blog post. If you’re still having problems connecting, please check your confirmation email for details on how to contact me.

Are there recorded versions if I can't join live?

Yes! Don’t worry if there’s a class you want to do but can’t make the time - there is a recorded playback option for every class. If you've booked a single session (Pay-As-You-Go) please email me after booking to request the playback. If you are on one of my Unlimited Class Passes, there's no need to email me - you get access to all my playback recordings automatically.  Playbacks go out the morning after each class and are available for one week after each session. 

I have an injury or health condition – can I join your classes?

Please check with your health care provider before starting yoga or any new exercise program. If you are given the go ahead to start yoga, please get in touch before booking to discuss your injury/health condition and how it might affect your practice. 

Will other people in the sessions be able to see or hear me in class?

Your audio and video will be off when you arrive at your session. Before and after the class, you may turn your microphone on if you wish to say hello or ask any questions. When we start the session, all participants are muted to avoid feedback and so the only sound you can hear is me.  I encourage people to turn their video on for the session, however you are welcome to leave your video turned off if you prefer just to watch in.

Is Zoom safe and secure?

Yes, Zoom has made several big security updates recently to ensure that sessions are protected. All my classes use private links and are password protected. You will also be placed in a waiting room on arrival to ensure that only those booked onto the session are allowed in.

More About Your Trainer: Annie Knapman

Annie is a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher who has been teaching for over 7 years. Since starting out on her teaching journey, Annie has discovered the importance of going mindfully and developing a practice that focusses self-care, learning to be kind to ourselves and building mind and body wellbeing. 

Annie has completed further training in Restorative Yoga and has a diploma in Meditation, Mindfulness and Relaxation. 

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More Testimonials...

I’ve done yoga on & off for twenty years and have had many different teachers. Annie is a calm, skilled teacher who knows her stuff. She has a soothing voice, clear instructions for all abilities and genuinely cares about her pupils.


Annie is an amazing yoga teacher (and human being!) her classes make me feel relaxed and help with my ongoing back issues. I would hugely recommend Annie for all your yoga needs.


I absolutely love Annie's online sessions. She really takes the time to explain each pose and make sure you're getting the benefit out of a stretch. I love the spread of sessions Annie runs - I'm always able to get my yoga fix whether I'm after something slow and mindful or a bit more of a workout.